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gnome cosmetics  shampoo & treatment. gnome hair care products are exclusive to beauty sal

Improve the quality of your hair at home with our Special Care products. 


In Japan, Gnome hair care products are exclusively sold in beauty salons. Japanese hairdressers with more than 20 years of experience have came together to produce this product. 

Gnome has gained popularity in Japan as one of the best head and scalp treament. 

Effective in preventing hair loss and improving the quality of damaged hair

Do you get a hair treatment at a salon once a month? 

Getting a treatment at a salon is very important for protecting your hair from damage caused by coloring or perming. It helps to create a strong barrier that protects your hair. However, did you know that using good shampoo and conditioner at home is the most effective way to care for your hair?


Even if you get regular treatments at the salon, if you use harsh shampoos or conditioners at home, or ones that don't have the right ingredients, the benefits of the salon treatment will quickly wear off.

To achieve the best care at home, Gnome Cosmetics was created.

Gnome Cosmetics offers high-quality hair care and skincare shampoo that suits all hair types and chemical damage. Its unique feature is that it not only caters to hair care but also to skincare, containing effective ingredients that can be used on the entire body.

This shampoo not only improves hair damage but also addresses scalp care, hair growth, and hair strengthening. Additionally, it is expected to enhance the texture of both hair and skin, making it the most luxurious product ever. With Gnome Cosmetics shampoo, you can enjoy a new experience of simultaneously caring for both your hair and skin. 

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