Improve the quality of your hair at home with our Special Care products. 


In Japan, Gnome hair care products are exclusively sold in beauty salons. Japanese hairdressers with more than 20 years of experience have came together to produce this product. 

Gnome has gained popularity in Japan as one of the best head and scalp treament. 

Are you going to the hair salon once a month for treatment? 

Did you know that the most effective way to maintain

your hair is through the use of home care products such as shampoos and treatments? 

Even if you regularly coat your hair with hair salon treatments, using shampoos and treatments that are harsh or do not contain treatment ingredients, the treatment layer will be washed off.

To solve these problems, the Gnome hair care series was created.

Top quality series of products that have active ingredients for both hair and skin care. From repairing damaged hair to improving the growth of hair. 

With gnome shampoo, treatment and out-bath cream,  you can achieve salon quality shine and texture every day. 


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