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gnome cosmetics uses active ingredients within the shampoo to specially control hair loss and promote hair growth.



 Active ingredients


• Keratin

Moisturise, hair-repair, hair-protection, quick-drying. Restoring the strength of the hair and prevents the separation of the hair cuticles. Protects the hair from chemical damage and UV rays caused by perms and hair dyes. It also helps to prevent hair colours from fading.


• Fullerenes

Has the power to remove the "active oxygen" that causes aging. While Vitamin C may be the most popular ingredient that removes active oxygen, fullerene is believed to be 170 times more potent than Vitamin C. 

• Pidioxydil

Derived from minoxidil, used in hair growth, it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and deliver the nutrients necessary for hair growth to the hair follicles.


• Fulvic Acid

Balances out the minerals in the body through chelation. As fulvic acid is a natural antioxidant, it prevents the body from detioriating and promotes a healthy immune system. 

Antioxidisation, cell activation and regeneration, improvement of metabolic functions, immune system enhancement, detoxification, allergy control, alkali removal and anti-aging.

• Swiftlet extract

Containing sialic acid and is rich in IGF-1 which is effective for hair growth. It stimulates hair growth nerves and promotes the multiplication of hair matrix cells. While restoring the hair cycle to its original state, it is also effective in preventing hair loss.



RH-oligopeptide regulates the epidermal growth factor as it regenerates and creates new skin cells. It activates the hair matrix cells promoting hair growth.

• Squalene

An essential component of the human sebaceous filament. It kicks off a moisturising effect that protects the skin's moisture, an emollient effect that keeps the skin soft, and heightens the barrier, keeping the skin healthy


• Jojoba Oil

Using an ingredient similar to the lipids in our body, it reduces the irritation while giving the skin a natural shine and moisture.


• Macadamia Oil

Plant based oil with high penetrative powers and high contents of palmitoleic and oleic acids.


• Argan Oil

Having strong antioxidant properties, it is praised as a rejuvenating oil. It helps in reducing scalp odour and increases the production of skin cells. 

At gnome,

we would like our customers to use our products as a way to beautify themselves both on the outside and on the inside.


Human Like Technology (HLT) 

Making use of the skin's regenerative functions, this product uses Keratin and RH-oligopeptide as moisturizing and hair-growth ingredients. This in turn prevents gray hair while improving the water retention. By supplementing with ingredients similar to those found in humans, it creates a naturally manageable, shiny hair. 

Improving the quality of both skin and hair, these new products use a new and improved Special Care formula. Thanks to a combination of active ingredients, these hair products can be used for both hair and skin care. The first of our new top quality series. 

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