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gnome cosmetics


Developed by Japanese hairdressers with over 20 years of experience,

gnome cosmetics uses active ingredients within the shampoo to specially control hair loss and promote hair growth.

It contains placenta and EGF that promote regeneration of collagen and activates hair matrix cells for hair growth, swiftlet extract that improves multiplication of hair matrix cells and even pidioxydil to stimulate blood circulation and deliver nutrients from hair growth to hair follicles.

Beyond scalp health, it also includes jojoba oil, macademia oil as well as argan oil to keep the hair strong and moisturized.

Improve the quality of your hair with our Special Care products. 

・gnome shampoo 

Being an everyday product,

it is gentle on the skin, hair and the environment. 

We added effective ingredients

that moisturises hair, promotes hair growth and improves the state of the scalp. 

A shampoo created using the concepts from salons. 

・gnome treatment

Contains free moving amino acids, keratin and collagen. 

A pseudo cuticle that improves

the hair's ability to retain water, creates a natural shine and is easily managable. The treatment

can be used for head spa as it moisturises the scalp.

• gnome milk 

With squalene and jojoba oil

that is similar to those in your hair and skin,

it keeps your hair shiny and easy to maintain

for the day.

This total haircare treatment will even calm you down with the scent of figs, frankincense and wood

gnome products are used by profesionals. 

Obtain the best results under professional consultation. 

Make use of the best products available for both hair and skin.

1, First,

Dampen your hair with a good rinse. 

Depending on the length of your hair, apply

a sufficient amount of shampoo.

Thoroughly massage the scalp with the tip

of your fingers. 

2, Second, 

Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly.

Apply the treatment evenly through your hair. 

It is safe for the treatment to come into contact your scalp. 

3, Third,
Thoroughly rinse off the treatment.

After towel drying,

apply 5 to 8 pumps of Gnome milk, from the middle to the ends of the hair.

Make sure the ends of your hair is covered. 


4, Finally,

Blow dry your hair with a hair dryer.

The heat from the hair dryer

will allow keratin and other nutrients to be absorbed by the hair. 

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 • Placenta

Fibroblast proliferation promotes the regeneration of collagen and improves the condition of the scalp. The freely moving amino acids helps to repair the hair and protects it from damage. 

• Fullerenes

Has the power to remove the "active oxygen" that causes aging. While Vitamin C may be the most popular ingredient that removes active oxygen, fullerene is believed to be 170 times more potent than Vitamin C. 

• Hair keratin

Moisturise, hair-repair, hair-protection, quick-drying. Restoring the strength of the hair and prevents the separation of the hair cuticles. Protects the hair from chemical damage and UV rays caused by perms and hair dyes. It also helps to prevent hair colours from fading.

• Squalene

An essential component of the human sebaceous filament. It kicks off a moisturising effect that protects the skin's moisture, an emollient effect that keeps the skin soft, and heightens the barrier, keeping the skin healthy

• Argan Oil

Having strong antioxidant properties, it is praised as a rejuvenating oil. It helps in reducing scalp odour and increases the production of skin cells. 

• EGF human recombinant polypeptide

EGF human recombinant polypeptide regulates the epidermal growth factor as it regenerates and creates new skin cells. It activates the hair matrix cells promoting hair growth.

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